Report a Repair

Working in conjunction with our maintenance provider RENOV8, we are able to book and fulfil any repairs that are required

Emergency Repairs: phone the helpdesk on 01254 205 200

If you need an emergency repair, ALWAYS phone us

Dial 1 for the Helpdesk or 2 for all other enquiries

  • The helpdesk is manned between 9.00am and 5pm. 
  • At all other times, you will be directed to an out of hours service for emergency repairs.
  • When calling about a job status please provide your JOB NUMBER

Non-Emergency Repairs:

Complete an online form

Only use for non-emergency repairs

How repairs are prioritised

  • Repairs are prioritised into the following categories
    • Emergency repair within 24 hours (targeting attendance within 4 hours, depending on contractor availability to your location)
    • General repair within 7 days
    • Minor and cosmetic repairs within 28 days
  • If the tenants in the property have particular health needs, please explain this clearly, as it will help prioritise repairs appropriately
  • When you report a repair, you will be advised of its category and repair timescale