Westmoreland Supported Housing Association will work to give support to our tenants by liaising with the tenant, support provider, the tenants representatives and local authorities or other interested parties. We will maintain a tenant support line service available for the use of the tenant or by other individual parties on their behalf.

Westmoreland Supported Housing Association will attend house meetings where appropriate but in any case will visit on a regular basis to inspect the property and communicate with the tenants about their expectations and experience in the property.

Westmoreland Supported Housing will ensure that all staff employed by us are trained to communicate wherever possible in an appropriate way with our tenants. We will also ensure that any repair staff or contractors have empathy and understanding of our client group.

Westmoreland Supported Housing will have an accessible complaints procedure. Complaints will be logged and acted upon promptly in an appropriate manner in accordance with our procedure submitted with our Housing Association submission.





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