Who we are

Westmoreland Supported Housing Limited was established in 2002 as a not-for-profit housing provider by Pat and John Finney.

The inspiration for this was their son Nigel,  who was born very premature and suffered brain damage at birth, leaving him with learning difficulties and limited physical ability.

Nigel was always included with the family and led as near a normal life as he was able, often joining his sisters in their activities.  Along with help from many genuine people he had led an eventful and interesting life.  He was part of a team who had an entry into the Guinness Book of Records for building the biggest ever canoe raft.  He also took part in activities such as horse riding, abseiling, canoeing, swimming, go karting, off-roading and was a member of a local Scout Unit. He then became involved with several scout camps, including International camps – not bad for a kid we were told to go away and forget about because he’ll never do anything!  But everyone grows up (sort of) and as his sisters grew up, went to university, formed relationships and moved on. Nigel was no different in his aspirations, he wanted to leave his mum and dad too.  John and Pat wanted to see him safe and settled as they wanted to plan for the future.

John and Pat had a large six bedroomed house and Nigel was well known in the local area, they decided to move to a smaller property and convert their previous home into a house suitable for Supported Living.  Three friends moved into the property with Nigel along with a Support Provider and Westmoreland Supported Housing was born. 

Nigel Montage

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