Westmoreland Supported Housing Association look to work with Registered care Providers countrywide.  Our aim is to make the property ‘fit the person’ instead of, as sometimes happens, the person ‘fit the property,.  To achieve this we look to work with the person concerned themselves as well as with everyone who has an interest in the ongoing wellbeing of our prospective tenant.  This way we make the property as right a possible.

Approached to us from local authorities, support providers, NHS groups, prospective tenants and their carers are welcome.  However ideally 5 main criteria will need to be met before we can open a supported living scheme.  These are:-

  1. Because of our Memorandum and Articles of Association and our corresponding Assured Tenancy Agreement all prospective tenants must have the need for support although not necessarily 24 hour support.  Support hours can be shared.  
  2. The prospective tenant has a registered Support Provider and that Support provider is prepared to work with out terms and conditions (which are not onerous).
  3. That the Support Provider is able and willing to nominate sufficient suitable tenants if required to make the supported living scheme viable. 
  4. That any property nominated to us for lease or purchase is in a good overall condition and is suitable for the proposed use.
  5. That the proposed rents to be charged to the tenant have been agreed in draft form and in principle by the local authority housing benefit department  (or other bodies where applicable) and that the tenants status has been confirmed.

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