2016 looks like being a year of continued expansion and solidification at Westmoreland Supported Housing Association.

We already have 22 new build properties in the pipeline, along with 12 fully refurbished properties of around 20 years old, and a number of 2, 3 and 4 bedroomed houses which have been sourced by care providers, along with a 4 bed bungalow, with 2 bathrooms a separate toilet and a wet room.

We have divided the country into 6 areas with a long term view of having local offices in each region as we have done in the South West. So in in 2016, region by region, here is what we are planning based on what we know up to now.

North Eastern Region.

We have just opened 3 new services in the North East with 2 more opening soon.

North Western Region.

We are at present looking at the possibility of purchasing a 4 property service based in Blackpool where we will be nominating the care provider.

Midlands Region.

The Midlands region is expanding steadily with properties in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire in the pipeline, along with 2 new purpose built properties. We are also in the process of taking over 2 services which are being de registered as residential care homes. We are also working closely with the police and probation services to provide further housing for ex-offenders as they are released are experienced staff will be involved heavily in this process. We are expecting to be making prison visits in the near future to do the tenancy interviews and paperwork prior to the person being released.

Greater London Area.

We have just taken over 2 existing services in the greater London area, with 2 more expected to come over soon.

South Eastern Area.

This area is very quiet at the moment, we have only one property which is definitely coming to us at present this year, although we have several tentative enquiries.

South Western Area.

The South West has the potential to be our second busiest area again this year, with tentative enquiries coming in from the Exeter and Plymouth areas, as well as confirmed properties in Wales and in the Cheltenham area.

So all in all a year to be looking forwards to, I know we will have our challenges as we go but we always deal with them and work unceasingly to put our tenants at the forefront of what do.



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